Founder of MFI USA

Ps Dick Iverson – Founder of MFI USA

MFI began in the USA as an organization in 1987 in response to a pressing need among pastors and leaders of independent churches for dick_iverson2a sense of covering, accountability, identity and connection. Pastor Dick Iverson, who at the time was the pastor of Bible Temple (now City Bible Church), was meeting many pastors and church leaders who felt as if they were alone. They had a distinct vision, a common value system and doctrinal distinctives that were compatible; but apart from joining a traditional denomination, there was no vehicle through which they could associate themselves with other like minded leaders.

In response to this cry, MFI was established to be that vehicle. MFI is an independent corporation set up for the express purpose of linking ministers to ministers. It was established distinctly to strengthen ministers while maintaining a high regard for the autonomy of every local church.