Our Purpose

Ministers’ Fellowship International exists to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships among member ministers, equipping and enabling them to be more effective in their callings, for the purpose of building and multiplying strong local churches around the world.


Facilitating Meaningful Relationships

  • That ministries may find a sense of identification.
  • That ministers may enjoy fellowship and community with those of like mind.
  • That ministers may experience the benefits of mutual support.
  • That ministers may receive protection through a commitment to accountability.


Equipping and Enabling Ministers

  • By sharpening their ministry skills.
  • By imparting knowledge of Biblical principles of successful church life.
  • By promoting awareness and evaluation of current trends.
  • By sharing helpful ideas that will enhance their ministry.


Promoting a Current Vision

  • That the church of Jesus Christ may be victorious and glorious in its local expressions.
  • That new churches may be planted and grow into maturity.
  • That ministers and churches experiencing difficulties may rely upon trusted resources available to help through MFI.


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