Our Mission

MFI is a nondenominational fellowship of ministers who are alike in doctrine, vision, character, values and purpose. The vision of MFI is to affect our world for Jesus Christ through strong local churches that uphold the high moral and ethical values taught in the Bible.



Many ministers have a need for peer relationships where they can be open and accountable. They also need to know that there are others who can stand with them in love and encouragement.



Every minister needs to have times away where they can receive a refreshing and new perspective on what is happening in their church world. This can easily occur through the conferences provided by MFI.



Most leaders desire ongoing training and further education so that they can become more effective at what they do. The books, tapes and articles that are sent to each member of MFI and the topics discussed at regional conferences assist the minister in becoming better equipped to face the challenges of today.



No minister has the time to survey all that is available to them for the growth and development of their church. MFI provides resource materials, access to apostolic ministries and counsel as well as direction to ministries who are in need of assistance on any level.



Most church leaders are continually giving out and ministering to others. Who ministers to them? Where do the shepherds have an opportunity to be sheep and receive pastoral ministry for their own souls? The MFI conferences have proven to be a place where pastors can be touched personally, revived, restored and healed.



All visionary leaders have a desire to be a part of something that is going to make a difference in the Kingdom of God. By joining together with other leaders of like vision, they will be able to make a much greater impact on the world and have a greater possibility of realising the vision that is in their hearts. MFI’s international outreach and expansion can be shared by the entire membership of MFI


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