Our History

Brother Kevin J Conner (CityLife Church, Wantirna, Vic) was the Founder of MFI Australasia, and has been an Apostolic Leadership Team kevin_connor3Member of M F International, USA, since its founding by his long-term friend, brother Dick Iverson. Brother Kevin is a recognized apostolic Bible Teacher/Theologian whose text books are extensively sought after and used by church leadership in multiple countries around the world. In 1993, brother Kevin put the vision and burden of his heart to help and encourage ministers in the body of Christ into action, mainly in Australia & Malaysia. His vision was to offer support of those men and women he had met, as he ministered around Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and the Pacific Island nations, who were leading autonomous local churches, and who desired to maintain relationship, yet wanted to keep their autonomy.
Aged 78 years in 2005, Kevin with Rene, felt in the Lord it was time for a new generation to be established and released a successor to lead, facilitate and further extend MFI within Australasia. So with presbytery in prayer and the prophetic, Bernie & Susie Hartog, founding Senior Ministers of CityLight Church, Kingston, Tasmania, took up their new mantle of leadership (having been an original Australian Leadership Team member under Brother Kevin, serving as Tasmanian state leader for 12 years at that time). Since that time two more regional areas, QLD and NSW, have been firmly added; and there are two affiliated established local churches in New Zealand, as well as one new church plant.

The Lord builds His church on proper foundations and structure, with proper covering established. The Lord is speaking to His people about these areas. Churches rise and fall on leadership.

“The Lord builds His church on proper foundations and structure, with proper covering established.”

Many leaders today walk alone, and this is contrary to Scripture. Ecc 4:9,10 “Two are better than one… for if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow, but woe to him who is alone when he falls; for he has not another to help him up.”

This fellowship of ministers was established to meet this need. First of all, it is a fellowship of ministers, and Senior Minister members may align and affiliate their local churches with MFI, bringing their local ministry teams’ key leaders with them, into membership and conference attendance.

This growing cause of the gospel of the Kingdom of God is encouraging senior ministry with their key team leaders in Australasian autonomous churches to connect and belong to “something bigger than themselves.”

MFI Australasia is an instrument in the Lord’s hand to strengthen the member ministers, and their local teams. MFI Aus has continued strong and healthy into this new generation, under the leadership of Ps Bernie & Susie Hartog. It is “being built on The Foundation which is firstly laid in Christ Jesus… and the apostles and the prophets”, past and present. MFI is a growing entity, whose refreshing vital membership pulsates with Holy Spirit-filled equippers and evangelists, making disciples of the Lord’s harvest in all the nations, encouraging the planting of new churches, praying and sending out labourers into the field of the world.


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