Jeff & Annette Hammond

Dr. Jeff Hammond co-pastors Abbalove Ministries, a church in Jakarta, Indonesia, of 20,000+. He has served in Indonesia since 1974 with his wife Annette.

Jeff leads a special ministry, called The Father’s Love, that reaches into dangerous crisis areas of Indonesia and the Middle East. This ministry has a special focus on rescuing trapped and persecuted Christians, feeding, housing and sharing Christ with refugees and prisoners.

He has authored more than 15 books and conducts Seminars and Retreats for Ministers and church workers on strategies for taking cities for Christ and challenges the Body of Christ. He trains pastors and leaders on how to use kairos opportunities to face the challenges of the C21st and the need to understand the imperative of unity in identifying and utilizing biblical strategies to see breakthroughs in the 10/40 Window and see nations turning to Christ.


He believes that unified prayer is one of the greatest weapons we have today in turning the tide of history and that our generation is on the verge of a great revival.

Jeff’s vision is to plant the gospel and a church in every village of Indonesia by the year 2020. He teaches the Christian message to Islamic leaders in seminars and gatherings of Islamic clerics, Islamic Universities and Boarding Colleges.

He operates a Peace and Reconciliation ministry in areas of conflict between Muslim and Christian communities and was appointed as an ambassador to the 10/40 Window nations, particularly the Islamic world to help equip and encourage pastors and churches with a vision, the tools and the practical experience of sharing Christ with Muslims and training believers to go into unreached people groups.

Jeff is passionate about winning the lost, reaching the 10/40 Window nations and believes we can fulfill the Great Commission in our generation. For this to happen there needs to be a restoration of Biblical Christianity because healthy churches breed healthy evangelism.

Jeff has an active prison ministry, involving 16 prisons. He has had to minister to 9 prisoners and prepare them to face execution and eternity. Among the ones Jeff has ministered to are several of the Bali 9, especially Andrew Chan, who with Myuran Sukumaran was executed 2 years ago. Jeff has an amazing insight into Andrew’s powerful story of how he turned his tragic life into a positive force for transformation and faith.

Jeff and Annette are now establishing a Mentoring Centre in Kialla to help equip the Church in a vision that will bring unity and revival culminating in a glorious and victorious Body of Christ in these last days.