What if I don’t know an MFI member but want to join?

One of our requirements to be applicable for membership application is that you have relationship with a current MFI member.  If you do not know a current MFI member but are interested in joining, please contact our MFI State Leader in your state/region and they will discuss the next step with you.  If your state/region does not have an MFI Regional Leader or you are from outside of Australia, please contact our MFI Australasia Office for further assistance.


Who can be my sponsor?

A part of becoming an MFI member involves having a minister to sponsor you.  The following are eligible to sponsor an  applicant; an MFI Australian Leadership Team Member or a Senior Minister Member that you are in relationship with.


How long will the application process take?

The application process takes approximately 6 to 12 months.  This allows time for two imperative aspects of the process; relationship development and conference attendance.  Firstly, a genuine relationship needs to be developed between the applicant and their sponsor (an MFI Australian Leadership Team Member, or Senior Minister Member).  Secondly, as part of  the process, the applicant is required to attend either the Australasian Conference or the Regional Conference in their area.


When do conferences occur?

There is an MFI Annual Conference which is generally held in the last week of February, in Melbourne, Victoria. This conference is open to all members across Australasia and runs for 3 days and 4 nights. There are also MFI Regional Conferences which run for 2 nights and 2 days. These conferences provide a smaller setting where members have opportunity to fellowship and strengthen relationships with other ministers in their area.  We are currently running MFI Regional Conferences in Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales.


Can I attend an MFI Conference if I am not a member?

Our MFI conferences are open to non-members by invitation only.  If you are interested in attending either the MFI Annual Conference or an MFI Regional Conference, please contact one of our MFI State Leaders or the MFI Australasia Office.


What support can we expect to gain?

MFI is relational, and it is on this basis that support is given to members. Conferences are key to providing and facilitating this relational support. The MFI conferences have proven to be a place where pastors can be touched personally, revived, restored and healed.  MFI also provides resource materials, access to apostolic ministries and counsel as well as direction to ministries who are in need of assistance on any level.


How much does MFI membership cost?

Every organization must receive support if it is going to be able to fulfill its vision. Many church organizations demand much from their members. MFI is funded only through membership dues and donations. The way we are approaching this in Australasia is that Senior Ministers in agreement and conjunction with their local church eldership pay 1.5% of annual church tithes and offerings, so that will vary in relation to the size and income of the church. Other support ministries, mobile and international ministers pay an annual fee of $375(AUSD) per year. There is a ceiling amount for any one church to be required to pay which is currently set at $3,300.00.


How do we make annual payments?

Some of the ministers/churches choose to pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually, these methods of payment are all acceptable.


Are there any other MFI gatherings for fellowship besides conferences?

Various regions/states hold different events at least 2 times annually to fellowship together.  These are generally half day or one day gatherings.  For example: Tasmania has a ‘Day Out’ and Victoria holds a ‘Pancake Parlour’ event and has also had Counselling Seminar days.


How many MFI members are there?

As of 2010, MFI Australasia has in excess of 130 members.


How many MFI affiliated local churches are there?

As of 2010, MFI Australasia has in excess of 35 affiliated local churches.


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